I am Speedlabor. A young DJ from Magdeburg (DE) playing preferable on Chill, Techno or Goa themed floors. I started mixing with a controller/laptop setup, since March 2016. Until now, I am on a ongoing journey of discovering new styles of music and how to mix them with whatever DJ hardware is available.


Since I started mixing, I had the chance to play at several events. I learned from each of them alot. I prefer to play at free raves and small parties, organized by friends. I hope to be less afraid about dancing crowds in the future.


  • M3TALB0X

    a trashy looking font for flyers and parties

  • Hearthis profile

    my original Speedlabor profile on Hearthis with music

  • GitHub repo

    repository of this website

  • Mixxx on Launchpad

    infos on upcoming features in Mixxx